Barista and Co

Barista & Co is a coffee brand that takes influence from the way people live and drink.

Community and coffee is at the heart of everything we do, we don’t judge, we just want our customers to find their coffee and enjoy it in a moment that means something to them. We have a sense of adventure and want our products to be a part of that experience.

Our journey has just begun so come along for the ride…

  • Coffee Makers
  • Brewing Tools
  • Coffee Machine Accessories

Based on the South Coast of the UK between the forest and the sea…..

The history of Toddy dates back to 1964

when Todd Simpson, a chemical engineering graduate from Cornell, first tasted a cup of coffee created with a liquid concentrate made by an ancient Peruvian process.

Inspired by the smooth taste, Simpson developed and patented the Toddy® Cold Brew System that creates a superior-tasting cup of coffee with 67% less acid than its hot brewed counterpart. Since then, more than a million units have been sold and now you are just as likely to see a Toddy System on your neighbor’s countertop as you are seeing one at your local coffee shop.

The family owned company is now based out of Loveland, Colorado after making their home in Houston, Texas until 2010. Toddy is the leader in cold brewed coffee and tea; our products have been recognized by leading publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Food Network, and more.

Toddy Family

Beanscorp have been developing innovative and portable coffee gear (Cafflano® products) since 2013; and all three of Cafflano® flagship models swept 12 international awards and are currently available in over 80 countries.

The mission is crystal clear;

Develop, manufacture and provide quality coffee gear that are Simple, Innovative, Economic, Convenient, Sustainable and Portable for all coffee lovers!

We still have lots of epoch-making ideas of innovative coffee gear and through continuous investment into R&D, we will keep on moving forward making ourselves differentiated from others and making great coffee available anytime, anywhere.

Hand- und Oberflächensdesinfektion 

  • Lösung zur Anwendung auf der Haut und auf Flächen für die hygienische Desinfektion
  • Schnelle und breite Wirksamkeit
  • Exzellente bakterizide, fungizide und viruzide Wirksamkeit
  • Bakterizid inkl. MRSA, levurozid, Tuberkoluzid
  • Viruzid inkl. Corona, Polio, Adeno, Rota und Noro
  • Für Küchen und Lebensmittelindustrie geeignet

Hand Sanitizer available for our resellers. Call us direct…… 

Enhanced Beverage Solutions

Simply put,
the perfect nitro cold brew.

Nitro cold brew has established itself as a mainstream, high-demand menu item for many coffee shops worldwide. Enhanced Beverage Solutions created the Nitro Infuser to allow you to pour the perfect nitro cold brew time after time with no effort.

Want to become a Nitro Dealer?

We are a relationship-driven company and we strive to see our partners succeed. Whether you are a chain store, equipment provider, or a coffee roaster looking to ensure your customers are serving the best nitro pours, we’re certain we have a wholesale plan for you.

Becoming a Nitro Reseller increases your

  • cold brew keg sales,
  • cold brew bean sales,
  • cold brew equipment sales,
  • sales of allied goods and more……..!